Patient Connect

Patient Connect is a next generation communications solution for Doctor Surgeries and Dental Practices that links your telephone system with Call Recording, Contact Management, Automated Call and EMIS Web.

Patient Connect enables practices to improve performance, monitor quality and resolve disputes and confirms with best practice guidance in conforming patient identity.

Some Key Benefits of Patient Connect:patient connect logo

  • Save time on every call
  • Instant call recognitionpatient connect call answer screen
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Verify patient identity
  • Consistent viewing and Patient medical record
  • Never misdial
  • Capture new Patient mobile numbers
  • Increased staff performance
  • Save time
  • Reduce DNA’s
  • Keep up to date with ever changing Patient mobile numbers
  • More effective training and monitoring of practice staff
  • Improved Patient care and maximise QoF outcome

Call Recording – Record and retrieve call recordings, encrypted and stored adhering to BSIOOO8 standards.

Inbound Screen Pop – Before the call is answered a discrete on-screen display shows the caller’s name, number and Address book/ EMIS information.

Patient Connect Dashboard – launches on answering a call, showing additional information relating to the patient, EMIS information, bespoke notes and contact history.

Click to Dial – Click on a selected contact to call, add notes to a call, send an SMS text or email

Automatic Telephone Number Capture – When receiving a call from a new or unknown number”  automatically capture the number to a windows clipboard and paste into a patients record or notes.

Please contact us to arrange your web demonstration of Patient Connect.

Atech Network Services have extensive experience in the provision of communication solutions to the surgeries across the UK and well placed to offer advice on the supply and install of Patient Connect.

Patient Connect is compatible to most of the leading telephone systems.

Download Brochure Patient Connect