Hosted Telephony

Simplify your communications and reduce capital outlay with a hosted solution from Atech Network Services.

Feature rich, flexible and cost effective our hosted solutions keep staff and customers in contact wherevvx-500-lg-aver they are with advanced features that enable your desk phone and mobile to ring at the same time, calls from your mobile to be presented as if you are in the office and the ability to use your office desk phone from home – keeping all the functionality you would normally only get in the office.

Complete with a Unified Communications platform when linked to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone you can see at a glance which of your colleagues are available, in a meeting or out of the office and choose how best to communicate with them; call, text, email or instant message.

Hosted telephony provides built in disaster recovery. The number of calls queued can be increased with queuing on the network or in the cloud. Geographic numbers can be retained even when you move from one area to another and new users can easily be added to cater for seasonal increases.  This gives a truly flexible and versatile alternative to a traditional telephone solution for any organisation.

Contact our sales team to discuss the benefits a hosted solution could offer your organisation.