Data Circuits

We help you get the connection you need for voice and data.

Cost effective Broadband, Fibre and Ethernet circuits from Atech Network Services provide your business with the speed and Service Level Agreements your organisation needs, alongside your ISDN, Analogue and SIP connections.

We offer Internet and site to site connections together with back-up and disaster recovery services

  • ADSL2 / ADSL2+ – Delivered over a copper pair, providing up to 24Mb download/up to 1.2Mb upload – contended service.
  • FTTC / FTTP – Delivered over fibre from the local exchange, providing speeds upto 80Mb download/upto 20Mb upload – contended service
  • EoFTTC – Delivered over a combination of fibre and copper, providing speeds up to 20Mb download with guaranteed bandwidth.
  • EFM – Delivered over 2 pair or 4 pair configuration. The maximum speeds over 2 pair is 10Mb and 4 pair is 20Mb. EFM is an uncontended service, meaning the circuit is not shared.
  • Leased Lines – A direct fibre connection from a customers local exchange to their premises providing speeds upto 10Gb.
  • MPLS Networks – Atech Network Services specialises in designing and deploying MPLS networks for Voice and Data.

Safe secure and reliable data centres at the core of our network mean we are able to provide hosting and back-up services to keep your data safe, secure and always available. Data Centres conform to government standards for cloud services.

Talk to our advisers and we can help you find the right connection to give you the speed, reliability and SLAs you require for your organisation.